Souls of Startup Haus Cairo: Mostafa Abdullah Eid

If you’ve been to our space before, you’ve definitely met our awesome security guard, Mostafa Abdullah Eid – or as we call him ‘Aam Mostafa’!

A’am Mostafa has been an integral part of our team since the very beginning, in 2018. He joined us after the opening event of Startup Haus Cairo when TIBA, the partner security firm, assigned him to guard our space in the morning shift. Over the years, his role has grown on the ground much more than that; now, he’s the first line assistant to our operations team – especially when it comes to setting up the space for events or workshops.

“It’s almost 3 years since I’ve joined Startup Haus Cairo, but for me, it means a lot! I witnessed the growth of the enpact’s community in Egypt. And alongside this growth, I experienced a lot of new things and developed new skills,” he tells. “I also met hundreds of entrepreneurs of different nationalities and backgrounds, who came over here to work whether as in-Hausers or daily passers. Such exposure is hard to find in many workplaces. When I go back home and think of Downtown Cairo, my heart and mind go directly to enpact and Startup Haus Cairo.”

Originally from the Minya governorate, A’am Mostafa also lives and guards the very same Ouzounian Building where Startup Haus Cairo is located. The father of a daughter and two sons commutes home every 25 days per month. With pride, he tells: “I’m waiting for the day to see my daughter graduated – she’ll be a doctor! Now, she’s studying in her third year in the faculty of medicine.”

If you passed by Talaat Harb Street in the evening, you’ll mostly find A’am Mostafa sitting in front of the building, guarding the gate while drinking tea, or listening to the radio. Don’t hesitate to approach him and ask about our services! We’re always grateful for his dedication, personal development, and hard work!

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