Supported by Drosos Foundation: A Fruitful Journey For Empowering Entrepreneurs

Since day one of Startup Haus Cairo, Drosos Foundation has been a pillar of support that enabled us to grow and establish our vibrant community. When we first started working together, we shared a strong vision of a future full of bustling entrepreneurs who find resources, knowledge and experience at Startup Haus Cairo, where they can grow their developing brilliant ideas and add value to lives all around us.

In May 2018, we launched Startup Haus Cairo at the heart of Downtown in a huge event. Among our guests, we were honored to have Dr. Wessam El-beih, Country Director at Drosos Foundation, who shared our collective outlook for Startup Haus Cairo as a joint project with @enpact. We aspired to make it a global one-stop hub for entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts in Egypt where they can come from everywhere around the world and meet at our spaces to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and contribute to a successful Egyptian ecosystem. And the vision is coming true! Our community has grown further than we dreamed, and the space witnessed more inspiring stories than we can count!

Since 2005, Drosos Foundation has been active in Egypt. Started with economic empowerment, supporting the underprivileged segments, and promoting creative activities among the youth, this global foundation today has a myriad of ventures and partnerships across Egypt that tap on tackling the country’s challenges and empowering social entrepreneurship, and we are thrilled to be part of their vast network of partners! We look ahead to continue our journey with more entrepreneurs on board, more startups to support, and more memories to reflect on.

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